Are you addicted to your Salary?

A friend recently lamented that he had was stuck in his corporate job and had no options.  I suggested that he had become addicted to his salary and the only way to free himself was to put his life on a diet.

We often slip into habits, and spend our time and money on things simply because we are used to doing it that way.  Then one day we look around us and realize our life has become bloated.  We have too many extraneous things going on, too much stuff, and too much in our heads to think about.

Time to put our lives on a diet.

Published by

Meg Knight

I have over 2 decades experience both starting and running small businesses, as well as advising others how to make lasting changes to their own business. I underpin my business practice on a strong set of values. Contact me to explore how I could work with you to help you solve business problems and grow your business while being strongly grounded in your core values.

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