My Local (Independent) Bookshop

In my village, there is the most fantastic bookshop. It’s small and personal and carefully curated.  I want to buy at least half the books they sell.  It’s a problem which I’ve solved by limiting myself to one book a week – so far I’ve never stuck to that rule!

I gain a certain joy from living in a town that supports a local, independent bookshop.  For me it represents a certain flavour and tone in the village which I find satisfying.  It communicates that I’m in a village of similar-minded people.  We certainly buy different books, have different ideas and values, but by and large we love books.  And there’s joy in that.

I have a small niggling fear that it won’t survive. On weekends it’s full of people browsing and enjoying the atmosphere, admiring the books.  But I  wonder if they actually buy them in the end.  My fear is that they get ideas of books they want to read, but then go home and download them for their kindles.  I hope not.