Let them break stuff

My children are professionals at breaking stuff. They broke our trampoline. And they broke the next one!  They sometimes break plates, frying pans, even gardening tools, which you’d assume where pretty hardy.  While I get frustrated with all this seeming waste, they are also inherently learning now to do stuff.  By washing dishes, and chipping a plate, they are learning how not to break plates.  By using the gardening tools they are learning to garden.  By using the frying pan to make scrambled eggs they are learning how to cook.

Each of these actions represent a further learning:  how to make a contribution to the family.  They are growing confident in their abilities to add value – cleaning, cooking, gardening etc.

If we don’t let them help and make a contribution for fear that they will chip plates, break things and otherwise make our lives more of a hassle, we subtly communicate to our children that we don’t trust them.

If the person they care about most in world doesn’t trust them, they of course won’t trust themselves.


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