Inquiry into Pride

When a project or business we are working on is successful, we naturally feel a sense of pride.  Fair enough. But pause for a moment and consider which part of the success did you actually control?

Were the ideas yours? Or were they given…

Were the circumstances the project utilized your doing? Or were you simply taking advantage of the prevailing set of circumstances?

Were your customers your doing? Did the need or desire that arose in them, which you had a hand in fulfilling, come from you? Or were you simply acting as a resource to be used?

Was the energy with which you worked yours, or given?

Perhaps as well as pride, we could also cultivate gratitude.

Published by

Meg Knight

Over a lifetime of seeking and now finding, I have years of study and training in non-dual self knowledge with Ramji of I'm a trained teacher and a mom of 3 delightful boys. I have personal experience in implementing the non-dual teachings in a busy household as a working mom. I'd be happy to help you do the same in your household. Drop me an email and we can connect.

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