Resistance and Values

It’s my piano less on today….and I’m terrified.  I haven’t practiced as much as I intended to.  This is the exact same feeling I had every week almost 30 years ago when I was about to face a disgruntled piano teacher.  All my life I’ve been obsessed with being able to play the piano fluently….. I have had lessons intermittently for decades… but still I find myself unable to sit my butt in front of the piano and do the necessary.  Why??


It’s the Resistance that Stephen Pressfield talks about in his brilliant book ‘The War of Art.  Resistance is that inner force that pushes us away from doing the work our Soul most wants us to do.

The key to beating down Resistance is knowing the value of your values.  Why don’t I just quit? No one would know or care.

I don’t quit because playing a musical instrument is one of my core values.

The same can be applied to business  or career – what in your business do you know you need to act on in order to align with your values? How much longer are you going to let yourself suffer?

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