Importance of Resolution

I have come across quite a few business owners who have taken the time and trouble (and expense) to hire a business consultant…. but then who fail to follow through and get any real value from the process.

Does the blame lie with the consultant or the entrepreneur? The business owner clearly had a problem that they needed help with, and was concerned enough to seek help, so why didn’t they finish the process?  Most of the time, the problem they initially sought help with remains to some extent, as does the frustration and sense of wasted resources.

Often we embark on a course of action that is important to us, but lack the resolution to stick with the process and see it through to the end.

I wonder to what extent the consultant is responsible for bringing value, compared to the responsibility of the entrepreneur to fully make use of the process?

Published by

Meg Knight

I have over 2 decades experience both starting and running small businesses, as well as advising others how to make lasting changes to their own business. I underpin my business practice on a strong set of values. Contact me to explore how I could work with you to help you solve business problems and grow your business while being strongly grounded in your core values.

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