The Fussy Menu

My children think they live in a restaurant. They seem to think that it's my duty as their parent to give them an endless variety of custom-made meals, designed to suit each of their individual preferences.  While I acknowledge it's my duty as a parent to feed my child healthy, tasty food, it's NOT my … Continue reading The Fussy Menu

My Local (Independent) Bookshop

In my village, there is the most fantastic bookshop. It's small and personal and carefully curated.  I want to buy at least half the books they sell.  It's a problem which I've solved by limiting myself to one book a week - so far I've never stuck to that rule! I gain a certain joy … Continue reading My Local (Independent) Bookshop

The Importance of the Right Teacher

All my life I've been a (bad) tennis player, a (bad) pianist and a (bad) spiritual seeker.  I was always convinced that I could do better, but evidence seemed to prove otherwise.  However my desire to be better at these things persisted, and for 30 years I've made various (failed) attempts to resurrect my skills.  … Continue reading The Importance of the Right Teacher

Confident, Curious, Compassionate

School’s traditional focus on the 3 R’s (reading, (w)riting and (a)rithamtic) is obsolete – the new focus is on the 3 C’s – Confidence, Curiosity and Compassion. The age at which children learn to read and write is far less significant than whether they turn out to be confident, curious and compassionate people.  Most children … Continue reading Confident, Curious, Compassionate