Resistance and Values

It’s my piano less on today….and I’m terrified.  I haven’t practiced as much as I intended to.  This is the exact same feeling I had every week almost 30 years ago when I was about to face a disgruntled piano teacher.  All my life I’ve been obsessed with being able to play the piano fluently….. I have had lessons intermittently for decades… but still I find myself unable to sit my butt in front of the piano and do the necessary.  Why??

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My Local (Independent) Bookshop

In my village, there is the most fantastic bookshop. It’s small and personal and carefully curated.  I want to buy at least half the books they sell.  It’s a problem which I’ve solved by limiting myself to one book a week – so far I’ve never stuck to that rule! Continue reading My Local (Independent) Bookshop

The Importance of the Right Teacher

All my life I’ve been a (bad) tennis player, a (bad) pianist and a (bad) spiritual seeker.  I was always convinced that I could do better, but evidence seemed to prove otherwise.  However my desire to be better at these things persisted, and for 30 years I’ve made various (failed) attempts to resurrect my skills.  Usually this involved the conviction to ‘have one last try’, the finding of another teacher and a year or two of continued poor playing. Continue reading The Importance of the Right Teacher

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