Go towards the problem…

My son hit 9 years old and started behaving like a teenager.  Surly, moody, aggressive.  I wanted to not be around him, but that made him more agitated.  Strategies that previously worked to motivate and encourage him were greeted with 'that's not worth it for me, Mom'!  I was horrified, and frustrated. Turns out this … Continue reading Go towards the problem…

A Sharp Stick called Truth

'The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in  you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes with a sharp stick called Truth.'  Carol Dweck Who is serving this function for your child? If not the teacher, you may have to be prepared to gently … Continue reading A Sharp Stick called Truth

Let them break stuff

My children are professionals at breaking stuff. They broke our trampoline. And they broke the next one!  They sometimes break plates, frying pans, even gardening tools, which you'd assume where pretty hardy.  While I get frustrated with all this seeming waste, they are also inherently learning now to do stuff.  By washing dishes, and chipping … Continue reading Let them break stuff

Put down your kids stuff

I recently fetched some friends from the airport, and I saw with dismay two healthy young girls, about 8 years old,  sitting on their carry-on wheelie bags while their exhausted mom trudged along in front pulling them by each case's rope. A similar story unfolds at my children's school - parents carrying their children's bags … Continue reading Put down your kids stuff

The Fussy Menu

My children think they live in a restaurant. They seem to think that it's my duty as their parent to give them an endless variety of custom-made meals, designed to suit each of their individual preferences.  While I acknowledge it's my duty as a parent to feed my child healthy, tasty food, it's NOT my … Continue reading The Fussy Menu

Confident, Curious, Compassionate

School’s traditional focus on the 3 R’s (reading, (w)riting and (a)rithamtic) is obsolete – the new focus is on the 3 C’s – Confidence, Curiosity and Compassion. The age at which children learn to read and write is far less significant than whether they turn out to be confident, curious and compassionate people.  Most children … Continue reading Confident, Curious, Compassionate