Resistance and Values

It’s my piano less on today….and I’m terrified.  I haven’t practiced as much as I intended to.  This is the exact same feeling I had every week almost 30 years ago when I was about to face a disgruntled piano teacher.  All my life I’ve been obsessed with being able to play the piano fluently….. I have had lessons intermittently for decades… but still I find myself unable to sit my butt in front of the piano and do the necessary.  Why??

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Managing the Wanting

Human beings seem to be wanting creatures…. wanting pleasure in some form, wanting stuff, wanting outcomes at work, wanting other people to behave in a certain way.

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How to plan for retirement at 40

I’m currently trying to find my father a retirement village to move into, preempting his frailty, and I have discovered 3 requirements for a good retirement:

1) You need sufficient money – this means living a simple life early to save and get used to that simplicity

2) You need friends, hobbies and a social circle – starting for this at 40 make a huge difference

3) You need to already be comfortable moving – find an exercise that you like, is fun, and can be done at all fitness/ability levels – and is social (see point 2 above)

Conclusion: It’s not all about money!